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October Fish Report..... Welcome anglers! Fishing is rated as good to very good, lest we have a low-pressure system move thru or high winds in the afternooon, making it just plain tough to catch anything more than a sunburn! The reservoir continues to have an ample supply of water in comparison to years past. The level has dropped about 15 feet in the last 8 weeks, but still has left us with more water in the reservoir than found in normal runoff years.


Bait fishing with night crawlers and/or green powerbait east of Buckeye Bay, Rainbow Point or north of the marina in the 12' range seems most productive where there are clear areas of water. The fish are moving all around the lake, so plan on moving with them to get your limits!

trolling trolling

Trolling is picking up. Cooler nights are the norm and Fall is here! The weed, grass and algae growth is stopping even as I write! The water is much clearer than in August, and there's more room to troll. Short trolls by Rainbow Pt., off the marina or by the Blue House are good bets. Don't forget late evening near the dam!! Lures with lead core line at about 2-3 colors working well.

fly fishing fly fishing

Fly-fishing is rated fair to good... streamers (Lowbergs, Spruce-a-boos, etc) fished with a medium or fast sink line seems to be the best bet right now. Some midging but I haven't see the hatches lately. Keep in touch about all that. Fish are moving around so all areas are productive.

Fishing Tournaments

  Sunday, October 8, 2006 was the Bridgeport Fly Fishing Tournament. By all reports it was a successful tournament in the East Walker and the reservoir. Proceeds from the tournament go to restocking this famous fishery. Click Bridgeport Fish Enhancement Program for more information.

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