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Welcome to summer 2014!!!  PLAN "B" IN EFFECT!!!!      

Come enjoy the AREA!!!!!  RESORT IS OPEN!!! Have BOAT RENTALS again on limited basis!!!   Launching of PRIVATE Vessel's still possible at the BATHTUB AREA...near the DAM!!!  CALL US FOR INFO   760 932-7001   Weather link... As of the middle of July, Bridgeport Reservoir is just starting to see some very light algae and grass growth...Good news considering the Drought!!! The water is in GOOD shape for the fishes..Surface temps are high sixties, mid 70's and there is still a cool layer underneath(NOT FOR LONG THOUGH!!), which holds higher oxygen levels, which, are more healthy for the trout..which, means the fish are feeding and more"Catchin", for you!!!   Catch all that??     

Mono County Tourism procured a bunch of beautiful trout from Oregon that were planted at the beginning of July 14th!!   400#'s  of biggies!!..Nice!!!    Thanks to Desert Springs Trout Farm for doing such a great job raising trout...Non-government of course!!!    The Dept. of Fish and Wildlife have been planting once a week and will continue to do so till the water temps are deemed a threat to the fish, which, by the way, will happen, towards the end of July or in August. Also the BFEF recently planted around a thousand pounds of trout.   Thank you for that..   Triploids of course, but that is the way of the world right now.......if you don't know what a Triploid is, sign up for my Newsletter or e-mail me and request a copy of a partial explanation of what these trout are...Very important issue!!!                         

In a "nutshell"...Fishing is still rated as good to very good!!....  even with the LOW water!    We have a courtesy dock for  you and am working close with the Yost Family, Sierra Septic, as they have helped provide a Porta-Potti... for your convenience..Be careful down there as the launch are  is not staffed and PLEASE let us know if there are any problems or the toilets need anything.. We also monitor Channel 72 on VHF should any emergency arise. 
OK, ...Still fishing with bait is a good bet right now. The areas around Rainbow Point and down by the Dam are producing. Use worms, power bait, mice tails, etc. Make sure you float that bait a foot or two up from the bottom.   These fish are cruising around in "packs" just feeding. Fish can be caught in 2 to 20 feet of water. The trolling is very good and sometimes during the day, it is Hot!!     Try any trolling lures,  Rapala's, Rainbow Thomas Bouyants, Tasmanian Devils, Flatfish, Needlefish, Trolling Flies,  etc.  with Lead-core line or monofilament w/ weight.  If you are Fly-fishing try the Narrows, Dam area or the Bathtub. Streamers with a fast sink line and aggressive retrieve should produce results!  Still- Water Nymphing or midging is just starting. Lots of Damsel's and Cali's starting to show up!!!  We carry a good selection(Sierra Drifters) of flies for the Reservoir so be sure to call or stop by for some and to get latest  conditions of the area and waters..The East Walker River, as long as flows are above 60cfs,,00060 is fishing well..Try the EVENING with Dry's ...... Huge Fish!!!!!

This year..... PLAN B IN FULL EFFECT!!!    Backcountry Fishing...Pack Trips, Climb those Mountains...Ride that Bike AND....Check out all the crazy old stuff there is to find around SHORELINE of the Reservoir!!!       ALSO....Fly-fish or Bowhunt for 30 Pound CARP....PERCH fishing is ON!!!!    We are convinced the State Record is here!!!

That's about it for now and as always a BIG THANK YOU for visiting, be safe, ALWAYS CHECK THE WEATHER  and have fun!   Check out links for the Dept. of Fish and Wildlife,  for stocking schedules, online licenses.  Always keep in in touch with ...   for excellent pictures and updates on our fisheries.  !   Also a great info spot is Reagan's in Bishop.  And

Thank you for reading and visiting. All for now and hope this helps.   
Happy Summer!!!          


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