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Make plans soon for start of Fishing Season , April 25, 2015

Happy winter to all you Fishermen, Fisherwomen, and outdoor enthusiast's!!                                                   

"The Winter of Warmth and No Snow".. As of  February 15th, that is what we are seeing. .Let's get some of that "Boston Snow" back here!    Some good news though.. Reservoir is on the rise from last Fall and has been ice -free for most of the winter. Level is just over 6k acre feet. It can hold 43K, so, still low, but very manageable. Here is a link you can follow for the Reservoir level.,72020,00062,00054      

The water tempurtures have been warmer, but that just means most of the fish are feeding and.. growing!!  The Fish and Wildlife(F and W) planted plant Brown Trout last September from the Fillmore Hatchery, Ca. as did Desert Springs Trout Farm, from Oregon. The size information can be difficult to obtain at times, but most fish were in the 7 to 14 inch range. Again, info is spotty but I think we got around 2K fish from both hatcheries. And the BFEF(Bridgeport Fish Enhancement Foundation) got some Brown Trout that will be planted this Spring.    

OK.. now some not so good news, but we have to be aware of what is going on with our Fisheries. I urge you to do some checking on your own, as well as keeping up with the latest news. Some good sources include Western Outdoor News, Californias Sportsmans League, local media, local fish reports etc. etc.  In a nutshell the F and W decided that California's Fish Stock will be reduced by 50%. UGH!!   And, the size will be smaller...   "we thought 1/3 of all fishing license fees was to go to stocking!!", has been a common question, and deserves an answer, though not quite that simple.   Assembly Bill 1148 , got put in place and is using that money for "Heritage Trout" AND "Wild Trout."  The current F and W Director, Charlton H. Bonham, numerous Environmental Groups, Cal Trout etc. etc. can be thanked for this.

Wild trout are not Native Trout. They are Trout that reproduce in the waters they were placed in, called "Spawners." Yet...if this is not confusing already, the F and W are planting triploids(sterile, not spawners) to make sure the wild trout go away.. Again, reliable info of what is happening to our fisheries is super hard to come by. Media, genarally, won't touch the subject. Though there are hints out there that maybe, just maybe, some "investigative reporting", no spin, is coming our way! " 

Also one would think our own MCFC(Mono County Fish Commission), or the local fish raisers would know some of these rules..  Not so much.                                        

So, one possible solution might be..   have private industry take over, get a trout stamp to help fund, reduce limits(sorry folks) and let us be on our merry way, planting fish!!                                                                     

OK, I think the Opening Weekend will be good!  Launching will, no doubt, take place near the Dam at the Bathtub, just like last year. Plenty of parking and make sure you stop by our store for latest information!  Also.... The RV Park will be operating from April 1st on, weather permitting.                        

Trolling will be best but if April turns out to be as warm as February, then Bait and Fly-fishing will be Hot!   Get your Rapala's, Excel Lures,  Trolling Flies, Swim Baits, Needlefish and all, those fun things, ready!!  Boats and Motors should be checked, as well as Safety Vests, New line and Warm clothes. Get your License!!   Check local reports such as Sierra Drifters Guide Service/ Fish Reports, or Reagan's in Bishop, Ken's in Bridgeport, for updated conditions and what to use. Make plans soon, (Opening Day in Mono County, APRIL 25, 2015), keep checking the weather, pray for a  "Miracle March/ April and... please call if any questions. 760 932-7001                                                                                                                                           

Also, remember, THER ARE OPEN WATERS IN MONO COUNTY RIGHT  NOW!!   Hot Creek, Upper Owens River, West and East Walker Rivers. Special regulations of course, but the fish are HUGE!!  Check out the Middle and  Lower Owens River and Pleasant Valley Reservoir. Great Times!!  Always keep a copy of F and W's regulation book with you, and be safe!        

                                                                                                                                                                          Here are some useful "LINKS" always educational and informative about conditions..        for excellent pictures and updates on our fisheries.  Reagan's in Bishop,  MC Tourism          
Reservoir levels
Mammoth Weather
Thank you for reading and visiting. All for now and hope this helps.   
Happy End of Winter(I wish for MORE)/ Spring!  Pray for rain and Snow!!         


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