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Fish Report

Happy New Year to all you fisher folks out there! Can't believe it is Nearly April. Fishing season in Mono County is  April 26th.  Get your gear ready and give a call for Reservations!!!
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We have NOT received the amount of precipitation so far, that we had hoped for. "Sigh".  As most everyone is aware, the state is in a serious situation with the drought. It is affecting all and fisheries are high on that list!!!  Right now the Reservoir is about half-full.  Water level is just outside the marina. Sorry to say but at this point having our Marina functioning, is not in the plan. The good news is that the rental Boats and the RV Park will be operating as usual. Just no launching or docking..Maybe..Stay tuned...that could always change with a wet April, which BTW the local weather nerds are predicting.                                                                                        

The fish are there. Saw them and metered them all last Fall. The Fish And Wildlife planted in Sept. and according to the biologist out of Bishop, we even got a load of Brown Trout!! Hopefully we will receive a lot of stockers before the opening also.   The Reservoir is ice- free, clear and cool. Water temps in the low forties and rising!   48 degrees and up is when the fish feed more aggesively. Launching at this point will have to be at the "Bathtub" near the Dam. If, that is the case, we will have some staff down there for opening morning to help with parking and launching!                                                                                                                

With all that said, there are still many excellent fishing opportunities for fishing in the Winter in Mono and Inyo Counties.  The East Walker(low careful), Hot Creek(low flows also), and the Upper Owens, which currently is on fire!!!  These waters are all catch and release, artificial lures or flies, barbless and zero limit. Till April 26th, then some changes. Read your regs! New to the list for fishing  year around will be The West Walker, along side Hwy 395. This awesome freestone will open March 1st with the same regs as mentioned above. The Bishop area also has some great fishing in the Winter. The Middle Owens and Pleasant Valley Reservoir allow bait and a 5 fish limit, except the 5 mile section below the Pleasant Dam. Always check the local regulations.                                                       

That's about it for now and as always a BIG THANK YOU for visiting, be safe and have fun! Check out links for the Dept. of Fish and Wildlife,  for stocking schedules and etc. stuff , weather sites, see our front page, and good info sites such as   Great pictures of this winter's action on our local waters..Check them out!   Also a great info spot is Reagan's in Bishop.


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