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August Fish Report

Hello to all you fisher-folks!   Some quick good news for the Reservoir.  As of August 20th 2014...Water quality continues to be very good despite these extreme drought conditions that the West is experiencing.  The fishing is actually pretty active. Some Browns are showing up but mostly Rainbows, 8-18 inches.  Trolling 5 feet or so under the surface with lures, Raps, Buoyant's etc., Still-fishing from a boat  using worms, mice tails...maybe...Power-bait.. even the shore fishermen have been seeing good action near the Bathtub area.  Fish are gouging on Perch Fry right now so you Fly- Fishers out there may very well do OK stripping Wooly's, Matuka's, Streamers and the like.. If you are Fly-fishing try the Narrows, Dam area or the Bathtub. Streamers with a fast sink line and aggressive retrieve should produce results!  Still- Water Nymphing or midging is has been so-so this year..maybe just starting.  We carry a good selection(Sierra Drifters) of flies for the Reservoir so be sure to call or stop by for some and to get latest  conditions of the area and waters..BTW.....CROWLEY LAKE IS ON!!!!   The East Walker River  is OK, as long as flows are above 60cfs,,00060 .  Please refrain from fishing this water right or only in the Morning...Warm Temps are very stressful to these trophy trout when trying to release them..........                                                                                                                      

 A bit of perspective..The Reservoir, which was created in 1924 (90 years young!!!) for agriculture in Nevada, can hold up to about 43,000 acre feet. It is around 5 miles long, a mile or so wide and it can be up to 80 feet deep towards the Dam. It currently is storing,  and I really don't like putting this out there but I believe the truth is better for all,  about 3,320 acre feet.......,72020,00062,00054   Yikes!!! That seems incredibly low....and it is.. but with those Monsoon rains(didn't raise the level) we received from Mother Nature, who by the way is STILL in CHARGE, the water temps have been low enough to keep our fish going. (cooler temps=more O2)... The Dept of Fish and Wildlife, F and W, quit stocking here in July(which they usually do) but we seem to still have quite a good population going. September and October fishing  has a Green light and should be OK, unlike last Fall when the bite just shut off for some reason or another.

OK....with all that said....OUR RESORT IS OPEN!!! We have 3  BOATS FOR RENT again, on limited basis, based out of the Bathtub Area!!! AND....  Launching of  Private Boats is still possible at the BATHTUB AREA...near the DAM!!!  We have a Courtesy Dock ,Parking and a  Porrta- Potti for you all.....Donations for maintaining this service is VERY WELCOME!!!   CALL US FOR MORE INFO   760 932-7001

This year we received at least one load 500-750 pounds, from Mono County, Mono County Tourism   Thank you for that!!   We were supposed to get 2 loads but saw no evidence of tha....bummer....buereuacratic red-tape???    Or other stuff going on???   More on that in Newsletter..Those fish were raised in Oregon, Desert Springs Trout Farm.... Beauty's!!!   

Also the BFEF, this year planted around a thousand pounds of trout.   Thank you for that..Their plans for later this year...???  Triploids of course, but that is the way of the world right now.......if you don't know what a Triploid is, sign up for my Newsletter or e-mail me and request a copy of a partial explanation of what these trout are...Very important issue!!!  
Be careful on the water and  the launch is not staffed. PLEASE let us know if there are any problems with the lake, Dock  or the toilets need anything.. We also monitor Channel 72 on VHF should any emergency arise. (Or just call 760-932-7001).                                                                                                                                           

We still have  "PLAN B" IN FULL EFFECT!!!  ATV's and 4-wheeling...100 mile trips possible right from our park!!!!    Backcountry Fishing...Pack Trips(Mcgee Pack Station), Climb  Mountains... Bodie...Bridgeport Museum...Ride that Bike AND....Check out all the crazy old stuff there is to find around SHORELINE of the Reservoir!!!  ALSO....Fly-fish or Bowhunt for 30 Pound CARP....PERCH fishing is ON!!!!   We are convinced the State Record is here!!!

That's about it for now and as always a BIG THANK YOU for visiting, be safe, ALWAYS CHECK THE WEATHER   Weather link... and have fun!   Check out links for the Dept. of Fish and Wildlife,  for stocking schedules, online licenses.  Always keep in in touch with ...   for excellent pictures and updates on our fisheries.  !   Also a great info spot is Reagan's in Bishop.   And

Thank you for reading and visiting. All for now and hope this helps.   
Happy Summer  And soon to be Fall!!!  Pray for rain and Snow!!         


Jeffrey and Handy(our favorite horse!!)